Investing in double glazing is one of the top ten home improvements. After all, not only will you save money on your heating bills but you’ll be passing that energy efficiency on to the new owner. The challenge is that replacing your doors and windows isn’t cheap and while a good company will offer a flexible payment plan, you’ll want to get the best price.

Here’s how to keep the costs down without compromising on security, efficiency and aesthetics.

Do your research

The design and frame materials you choose plus the energy savings to be made can all impact on replacement window costs. Start by googling ‘double glazing near me’ and getting an idea as to the prices in your area. By doing your research and making the right choice first time you’ll be able to keep costs down while still getting efficient windows that add to the resale value of your property.

Visiting tradeshows and exhibitions, asking the right questions and having a well thought out plan for your window replacement can all help you to make the right decisions. If possible, visit a showroom in your area and get as much information on your options as possible. Then follow the golden rule when you want to get the best price on your new windows – don’t be pressured and take your time.

Frame materials

Your choice of materials can make a significant difference to the cost of your windows. While hardwood timber and aluminium are both long lasting materials, they’re also expensive. UPVC double glazing has the advantages of being durable and easy to maintain. Your initial and ongoing double glazing cost is also significantly lower, making this the perfect material for your replacement windows.

Neutral white frames are the smart choice as they stand the test of time and continue to look good when other styles have gone out of fashion.

Window style

You may dream of elegant sash windows or the tilt and turn style that can open like a casement or tilt backwards to offer top opening ventilation. But unless you’re replacing like with like, the chances are your home will have standard casement windows and these are by far the cheapest to replace.

Highly versatile, casement windows can be used anywhere in the home, making them the smart choice – and the most affordable. Reducing the number of opening sections, for example on a staircase or landing window, is another way in which you can bring down the cost of your replacement windows.

When it comes to the finish of your windows, if you want to keep costs low, opt for plain glass and white frames. Any colour or woodgrain foil will add to the cost of manufacture, as will patterned or frosted glass or specialist glazed panes. Don’t be tempted by transient exterior design trends. Opting for white frames and plain glass will make your property look smart and help you get the best price on your replacement double glazing.

Be wise with energy saving

It’s tempting to opt for A rated triple glazed windows but it’s worth doing your homework on the potential energy savings. C rated windows with a standard 16mm gap should be the minimum standard that you aim for. According to the Energy Trust, the difference in energy cost saving between cheaper C rated windows and A rated windows or better may be as little as £5-10 per year. If you’re looking to save money on your replacement windows, this could be a factor. Be aware that C rated windows are the minimum rating your installer can legally supply.

You may well be tempted by triple glazing and the promises of reduced noise and energy efficiency. However, it can take a significant amount of time to recoup your investment since this style of window is up to a third more expensive than standard double glazed units. If creating a light-filled interior is your goal then triple glazed windows let in less light and are considerably heavier, meaning they can cause structural challenges. And while there are energy savings to be made, they may not be significant enough to warrant the extra cash.

Buy at the best time

Once you start to shop around for the best price on your replacement doors and windows, it makes sense to choose the best time of year for the best deals. Most companies go through a quiet period in December so if you don’t mind the minimal disruption of having your windows replaced at Christmas, this is a good time to negotiate a great price for your glazing.

Compare quotes

If you’re looking to save money on double glazed units for your home, the optimal choice is a standard white uPVC framed casement window with a 16mm gap. This gives you the perfect balance between lifespan, looks and thermal efficiency.

Armed with this knowledge, you can start comparing details from different companies both online and in the local area. Comparing quotes is the most crucial part of the process so don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or negotiate ways to keep the costs at a minimum. Bear in mind that cheapest isn’t always best and that local installers are often very competitive on price while offering a personalised, local service meaning they can troubleshoot problems on the spot.

At DJL Glazing we’re a family-run business with our own showroom and a great reputation for delivering quality replacement double glazing at prices you’ll love. We’ll be happy to advise you as to the right choices for your property to get the perfect balance between your budget and your comfort. We’ll make sure that you get the very best deal with high-quality installation so your home is warm, secure and energy efficient for the best return on your investment. And we can offer flexible payment options so you get the best glazing for your property at the best price.