uPVC windows and doors are an energy-efficient and low maintenance element of your home. However, over time performance can deteriorate and you may need to replace them. The good news is that uPVC lasts much longer without significant maintenance than previous window materials such as wood. However, even if you already have uPVC windows, they will still need to be replaced eventually.

A 20 year lifespan

Most uPVC windows and doors will last for around 20 years. How long your particular windows and doors will last depends upon several factors, not least the quality of the windows and doors when they were installed and the skill of the installers. Better quality windows will last longer, making it important that you buy the very best you can. All of the windows we offer are of the highest quality and fully guaranteed.

Why is it a good idea to replace my uPVC windows and doors?

The technology used in windows and doors has improved over recent years. If your current uPVC windows and doors were installed some time ago, you are likely to find that the modern uPVC we offer is far more energy-efficient. You may even have older timber-framed windows with single glazing which are difficult and time-consuming to maintain, poor at keeping you warm and less than secure. Our new windows and doors will reduce draughts, helping you to feel warmer and more comfortable. Less heat loss means lower heating bills for you, too. Our windows and doors are better at reducing noise which is important if you live near a busy road.

How do I know when it is time to replace my uPVC windows and doors?

First of all, check how each window or door opens or closes. If the windows do not open or close easily then they may not be performing as well as they should. At worst, a window which does not shut properly is a security risk. It will also leak warm air from your home and cause draughts, and fail to reduce road noise. Older window frames may not have integral window locks which is a security risk.

Check whether you can see any damage to your window frames or the glass in them, whether you notice draughts in your home and whether you have problems with condensation.

If you can see significant damage to your window frames then it is time to replace them. Wooden window frames may rot or swell in our damp British weather, despite your best maintenance efforts and other window frames may crack. If your window frames are damaged, this can contribute to unpleasant, damaging and unhealthy damp and mould inside your home because your home will not be properly insulated. Some wear and tear will of course happen with normal family life – marks and scratches on the frames can be wiped away or at least minimised.

If your windows are draughty then you will notice a big difference in warmth, comfort and energy efficiency if you upgrade to our new uPVC products. You may have old single glazed windows which are not at all energy efficient, or old double glazing which has failed and is no longer as efficient as it should be.

If you notice condensation (water droplets) on the inside of your windows, replacing this with our top quality modern uPVC will help to improve ventilation and eliminate the issue. You may notice particularly bad condensation on single glazed windows. Condensation which forms between the two panes of double glazing shows that the double glazing unit has failed. If the double glazing unit is no longer sealed, it will not function as well as it should to keep you warm and to reduce heat loss.

There may even be signs in the rest of your home that your double glazing is not performing as well as new uPVC would. If you find that your carpets or furniture are fading from the sun it could be time to replace your windows. New window systems often have UV protection to minimise sun damage inside your home.

If you are finding the upkeep of old window frames difficult, then it is time to upgrade. Wooden frames need to be treated and painted to avoid deterioration. In contrast, our uPVC window frames are effortless to maintain. All they will need is the occasional wipe down with warm, soapy water to keep them looking sparkling clean.

What difference will new uPVC windows or doors make to my home?

Our next-generation Energy Plus British-made double and triple glazed uPVC windows and doors are incredibly energy-efficient. More energy-efficient windows will keep you warmer and cosier in the winter and cooler in the summer, particularly important with our increasingly extreme weather patterns. Our energy-efficient windows will help to reduce your heating bills. If you are looking to sell your home, top quality double glazing can be a selling point particularly as all properties now need an energy performance certificate.

Replacement uPVC will improve the appearance and even value of your home. Here at DJL Home, we have a choice of styles and colours so you are sure to find one which is right for you and the style and age of your home. Unusual window designs are no longer a barrier to the installation of energy-efficient glazing. We can offer sash windows, bay and bow windows, together with tilt and turn windows.

Our uPVC windows and doors come with high-end security features as standard. You gain the peace of mind which comes with knowing that your home is as secure as possible, and you may even be able to obtain a lower house insurance quote.

If your windows are coming to the end of their useful life, why not contact our friendly team for some help and advice?