All our living spaces are expertly designed to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 
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What makes our conservatories different?

There are lots of things about our conservatories that set us apart from the competition, but perhaps these are the most important.

Planning permission and building control

Unlike other building companies, the building control documentation is in your name, not ours, this gives you full control and visibility over the application process. We will walk you through the whole process including any planning permission applications with our experienced and friendly architect making the whole process effortless.

Base footings and brickwork

We go the extra mile with bases, footings and brickwork by working closely with building inspectors before any digging as ground conditions vary especially when close to trees. This ensures we build a solid base. Where possible we include thick insulation in the base and brickwork cavities to keep you nice and warm. Our highly skilled team can also help identify and match to your existing brickwork.

Conservatory Styles

From Victorian to Edwardian, Lean-to or Gable End, our range conservatories is truly limitless. If you're looking to upgrade your existing conservatory or add a new living space, we have a stunning range of conservatory styles and colours to choose including traditional glass and solid conservatory roof options. Choose a style that blends with your existing decor and let your imagination run wild.

Glass and frames

We use climate controlled active blue glass with solar radiation reflection properties to keep you cool in the summer. It also has a low-emissivity coating on the inside to reflect heat that keeps you warmer in the winter. It also reduces infra-red and UV light helping to protect your furniture from fading. We only use the best uPVC & aluminium products on the market resulting in a superior lifespan.

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