Double Glazing


How to demist double glazing

by David Larkin • 28th February 2020

When you get into your car on a cold morning and the windows mist up, you can simply switch on the heater or air con and deal with the problem in short order. When your double glazing at home mists up, however, it can be a more difficult issue to deal with. Misty double glazing […]


How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

by David Larkin • 22nd February 2020

Double glazing doesn’t just improve the look of your home; it also provides better protection from the elements and noise reduction whilst improving the safety of your home and reducing energy bills by keeping your home warm and insulated. All these additional benefits come at an initial cost but our unbeatable double glazing prices are […]

How long do uPVC windows last?

by David Larkin • 14th February 2020

uPVC windows and doors are an energy-efficient and low maintenance element of your home. However, over time performance can deteriorate and you may need to replace them. The good news is that uPVC lasts much longer without significant maintenance than previous window materials such as wood. However, even if you already have uPVC windows, they […]


How to clean your uPVC windows

by David Larkin • 11th February 2020

Windows of any type benefit from being cleaned on a regular basis, ensuring that the glass sparkles and shines throughout the seasons. Regular cleaning also serves to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained. Many homes will also have uPVC window frames and surrounds which can easily become discoloured and covered in grime and dirt. It is […]


20 Questions YOU should ask a double glazing company before buying

by David Larkin • 23rd January 2020

Finding the right double glazing company is crucial when you want to upgrade your windows. To be confident in your choice, ask these 20 vital questions and invest in your home improvements with confidence. 1. How many years have you been in business? An established business has survived because of its commitment to doing the […]