Finding the right double glazing company is crucial when you want to upgrade your windows. To be confident in your choice, ask these 20 vital questions and invest in your home improvements with confidence.

1. How many years have you been in business?

An established business has survived because of its commitment to doing the job right and growing its reputation through good craftsmanship. That level of dedication and skill is crucial for a finish that will add to the value of your property.

2. How experienced are you?

It’s also important to know more about the fitter who will be working on your project. Ask about their level of qualification and how many installations they’ve completed to assess their experience.

3. What areas do you work in?

To avoid disappointment always check that your chosen glazing company operates in your area.

4. What certification do you have?

Certificates of excellence and accreditation awarded by independent bodies are a good way to judge the skill and quality of your chosen glaziers.

5. Do you offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

This is a legal requirement for any company and means that your money is protected should the company go into liquidation. If this isn’t offered, don’t use the company.

6. Can I see your work?

A reputable glazing company will have a portfolio of their work, customer referrals or even a showroom where you can browse the options in a pressure-free environment.

7. Do you have reviews and rating?

If you’re doing your research online, any established company will display their star ratings on the website along with customer reviews. Checkatrade and Trusted Review are both sites that collate customer feedback, positive and negative. Weigh up the reviews in order to make an informed decision and remember that all positive feedback may not be all it seems. This is just one of the measures you’ll use to assess the suitability of a company.

8. Do you employ your own staff?

If the answer is no, this could be a red flag. If your glazier is relying on third parties you could suffer unforeseen delays to the installation that are costly and inconvenient.

9. Can you give me an accurate estimate?

When you’re investing in double glazing you need to know what the final cost will be. A reputable company will give you a realistic estimate so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

10. Do you accept card payments?

Any established glazing company will accept all major means of payment including card payments that are digitally tracked for peace of mind. If your glazier will only accept cash in hand then ensure you get a receipt but try to avoid paying cash if possible.

11. Do I need planning permission?

This largely depends on your project. A straightforward replacement doesn’t require planning permission unless you’re in a conservation area or your property is listed. Conservatories and orangeries may fall within permitted development guidelines but an experienced double glazing company will be able to advise you.

12. How long will the installation take?

That largely depends on the size and complexity of the project. This could take a day for like-for-like replacements to several weeks for a fully glazed conservatory. The important thing is that the installer has a clear plan of action in place and sticks to that schedule as closely as possible.

13. What options do you offer?

Modern double glazing comes in a wide range of colour options as well as finishes, including some that accurately mimic wood. You should also be offered a choice of different glazing styles including casement and sash, depending in suitability. Whatever your exterior decor demands, a good firm will be able to meet and exceed them.

14. Do you offer a range of other products?

If you want to meet UK U value standards, ask your glazier about the range of additional products they supply. They should be able to provide double and triple glazing that meets the highest standards for energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

15. What styles and materials do you recommend for my property?

Your installer should be able to advise you if you’re having a problem deciding on the best windows for your property. They should also be able to give you an idea of price so that you can make an accurate cost comparison. A professional installer will be able to draw on past experience to make recommendations that fit with your design aesthetic and your budget.

16. How safe and secure are your products?

No home improvement should compromise home security. So whether you’re having your windows and doors replaced or a conservatory installed, your chosen company should be able to offer products with peace of mind security features such as multi-point locking as standard.

17. Can I take out a payment plan?

Double glazing is often the home improvement of choice for householders who want to reduce their energy bills and sell on their property with an A rating on their EEC. And while it can represent a considerable investment, a reliable business will offer a transparent and easy to understand financing plan so you can spread the cost while enjoying the benefits.

18. What level of after-sales support do you offer?

However professional your installation, problems can occur after fitting. Ensure that the business you choose has good after sales care and will respond positively to any issues.

19. How long do you take to respond to an enquiry?

The answer should be 24 hours maximum. If it isn’t, find another company.

20. Are you the glazing company of choice?

DJL Glazing is a family run business that offers a wide range of high-quality products to suit your needs. We serve the Southampton area with professional installation backed by a range of accreditations and an insurance-backed guarantee.